Saint Petersburg -RU

New ZOO of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg [Russia]

The main conceptual and pedagogical idea consists to reunite ‘Pangaea’, the supercontinent which existed over millions of years ago. Benefiting from the presence of water on the site, an artificial archipelago represents various zones of the Earth. The insular landscapes of theses today faraway lands will be situated one next to the other in the future zoo, recreating the image of a lost world. This spatial concept allows explaining the geo-historical aspect of the evolution and the biodiversity. The animal collection will be enriched by paleo-zoological species and pedagogical comparisons will be made between the related species living on distant lands.
The site is in the northern suburbs of Saint Petersburg, not far from the Bay of Finland, in the frontier between a new residential district of high rise buildings and a natural reserve. It is actually covered by a pioneer, wetland forest and is frequently flooded. The project takes advantage from the existing vegetation and hydrography. In the North American and Eurasian habitats the forest is entirely preserved. On the continents representing tropical habitats it will serve as a basis for the installation of a new flora imitating that of the tropical regions. The zoo will be connected to the center of Saint Petersburg by a boat network and due the large size of the area, several other alternative way of transportation will be proposed to the visitors inside the zoo. In order to promote visits between November and April, an optimized winter circuit will connect all the greenhouses and
covered areas.

Client : Ville de Saint Petersbourg / Intarsia
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Andras Jambor
Team : CONCOURS : TN+ paysagistes avec Beckmann-N’Thépé architectes / Zoologue : Biozones / BET sutructure : Bollinger & Grohmann / Economiste : GLEEDS / Images : Artefactory, TN+ MAITRISE D'OEUVRE : TN+ paysagistes / Architects : Intarsia / Zoologue : Biozones / Botaniste : Albert Tourrette / ZOO Experte : Monika Fiby / Images : TN+
Surface : 140 ha
Year : 2010-